What makes a good worker

A good worker is an asset to the company. Every employees dream is to have good or hard workers who will make his business to be a success at low costs. What makes a good worker may vary from person to person but it is all along the lines of good behaviour and professionalism. When you live for a strong purpose hard work becomes a necessity not an option. Being a hard worker takes more than doing good when people are looking or doing good for only a certain time. Although there are bad days for everyone but being a good worker means less of those and making sure you are always or the right track.

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A good worker is the one who does not waste the company’s resources and is extra careful about what they do. Wasting company’s resources includes using materials in not what they are intended for or mismanaging resources for example in construction cutting of material yet there is another piece that you can get the size of material you want from. A good worker is extra careful and by this reduces the level of incidents that occur in the company saving the company a lot of money and distress. Working carefully also includes reading all the manuals before using machinery and following the orgasational policies and procedures for example work health and safety precautions such as wearing helmets.

Furthermore, a good worker respects the company, his or her employees and treats other people with kindness and fairness. Respecting also includes small things such as turning up to work on time, not leaving before time or notifying your supervisor if late or absent and low levels of absenteeism. A good worker reports anything that happens within the company and if not happy address the issue according the hierarchy of control and diplomatically.

A company’s customers service is the face to the public hence a good worker is kind and always willing to help the clients with anything they need to know or get. He goes an extra mile in providing top quality services and makes sure clients questions are answered and that they are satisfied always. A good worker will treat everyone with justice regardless to their colour culture or background. They do not discriminate their colleagues or clients and uphold high standards of the company always.

He works well in a group and has good communication skills including listening to other people and talking less valuing other people’s suggestions. He can voice his opinion with no need to fight with other employees or supervisor. They participate in group works and not belittle others. They help other team members for greatest results to be achieved.

A good worker has a positive attitude. Someone with a positive attitude believes in doing things right to achieve the greatest outcome at low costs. They accept that ta times you can lose but they do not easily give up and are always up for a new challenge.

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