About Me

Hi. I am a mother and some who work afternoon shifts at the bank. Not many people would agree that “supermom” exist. But I’d like to differ. Well, not exactly. But what I would like point out is that I enjoy and fully embrace my life to the fullest. Yes I am Bold and yes, I am Fab! And I am a “mom”, note the American spelling! I am highlighting this because I am not American but instead I am Australian. Why the different spelling you may ask? Well, I wanted to show, right from the start, that this blog is meant for all mothers out there; whether you’re in Australia or America or wherever in the world you might be!

Welcome to this blog of mine titled Bold and Fab Mom. With that being said, I am not after votes for “mother of the year” or the inaugural title of “super mom”. All I am wanting to do is share information with the world (the beauty of the world wide web) on how a mother can contribute to society (in more ways than one) whilst enjoying every second of it! In layman terms, just put out information out there in the hope that at least someone will find it useful or even entertaining!

After thinking about it for a while, I came to a conclusion that I may receive many support… or lack of it! In conclusion: sit back and relax. But at the same time play hard. Enjoy it or weep it. We, as mothers around the world need to unite and make our voices heard once and for all.